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Futhark, a Handbook of Rune Magic

Teutonic Magic:The Magical and Spiritual Practices of the Germanic People

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe

The Poetic Edda

Mask of Odin:Wisdom of the Ancient Norse

Odin's Family:Myths of the Vikings

The Odin Brotherhood

The Wolf and the Raven(Paxson, Diana L. Wodan's Children, Bk.1.)

The Dragons of the Rhine(Paxson, Diana L. Wodan's Children, Bk.2.)

The Lord of the Horses(Paxson, Diana L. Wodan's Children, Bk.3.)

The Well of Remembrance

Dictionary of Northern Mythology


Esoteric Rune Magic

German Hero-Sagas and Folk-Tales

Germanic Warrior: 236-568 AD

Norse Myths

Rune Might


Songs of Yggdrasil; Shamanic Chants from the Northern Mysteries

Northern Mysteries & Magic: Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers

Paganism Today

The First World War in Posters, from the Imperial War Museum, London

The Viking Art Of War